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As with anything worthwhile, building good health to last a lifetime requires planning, design and good materials - applied with knowledge and dedication. Life Force proudly introduces the Cornerstones of Good Health, a package containing Body Balance, AminoCharge, Osteoprocare, and TrueGreens in a beautiful full color box complete with a color guide to healthy living.

Cornerstone 1
Body Balance

The first law in nature is "balance." Body Balance contains over 120 nutrients from land and sea. It's formulated to give the body what it needs to bring itself back into balance. Analytical tests reveal Body Balance's remarkable effect on bringing many crucial elements into balance. As a stand-alone product, it has been the company's flagship for over 15 years with thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.

Cornerstone 2

The most abundant mineral in the body is calcium. OsteoProCare is a superior mineral supplement, with calcium being the most essential. One of the primary functions of calcium is to build bones, the very foundation upon which our bodies are built. Additionally, OsteoProCare provides many synergistic nutrients for other important functions, such as improved joint health, immune function, and even the quality of our sleep.

Cornerstone 3

Our muscles give us the ability of movement, is essential for burning fat, and functions as a store-house for amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles and all other cells, including: protective immunoglobulins, hormones, blood, enzymes and vital organ tissues. AminoCharge is powered by a breakthrough protein technology called "The Protonic Process." This technology has been proven in clinical trials to markedly improve protein utilization.

Cornerstone 4

All of the metabolic functions of the body depend upon "catalysts," of which phytonutrients and enzymes play a key role. TrueGreens is an excellent source of these as well as anti-oxidants, anti-aging elements, and probiotics. It has a cellular cleansing effect and helps to balance the body's pH. TrueGreens supplies nutrients from over 30 natural sources. It's almost like getting "A Salad Bar In A Jar."

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