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Hike & Play

It's a Doggie Thing! Since Spring 2002



SPRING CREEK PARK PRESERVE 2000 Holford Rd., Garland, Texas

Directions to Spring Creek Park Preserve:

The public park is located on the north side of Holford Road, half way between 190 and Arapaho. It is on the back side of our favorite meeting spot at Shiloh Springs.  This is about the only thing on this section of Holford other than trees and forest.

From Shiloh Springs (Fred E. Harris Park at Shiloh and Campbell, ) head south on Shiloh. Make a left on Arapaho. Make another left at the next light onto Holford. Heading north just a short distance you will see the Spring Creek Park Preserve on the left. Pull into the parking lot and look for the pack of dogs playing in the field. If you are running late, walk down the hard packed trail toward the creek. After you have been walking a few minutes, you will come out into a clearing and then go back into the woods. Look for the trail markers (string or colored ribbons) that we have put out to guide you to the spot on the creek. When you get to the right place you will see the Hike & Swim yellow frisbee. This spot is just after the pulley rope that swings across the creek.  See you there!!!

NOTE: Spring Creek FOREST Preserve is another restricted access park across the street primarily for birding. We are not visiting that location.